It’s that day again..

..when from saying much,
I’ll refrain
Nothing apt comes to mind
Words are hard to find
I would rather be in a land far away
Sipping margaritas and watching palm trees sway
It’s some time before the next vacation
 I got to focus right now on my vocation
I find solace in pretteh rooms
   So do you,
   I assume?

[Inane rhyme from yours truly. Take me on a vacation soon, or you’ll get to hear more such ‘poetic’ outbursts. You have been warned!]

Here, some handpicked gorgeousness from Home Life Australia, for you and for me 🙂

[All images: HomeLife]

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  1. I have been visiting your blog now for about 3 years and I just needed to let you know that I love it! It gives me so much inspiration. I am currently living in the Philippines and would love to get to India in my lifetime. Thanks for doing what you are doing!!

  2. That ,inane rhyme' is actually quite wonderful. So if no vacation is what it will take to get you to keep writing… 🙂
    Wonderful- words and the pictures. As usual!!